Bpm Bubbles of Love day Center. Opening Soon

For decades Children and Parent had no where to go get help.

At Bubbles of Love day Center, you can get help and support and advice,  From People whom like you have eksperence this severe child Abuse and hate crime., so you can move on to healthy healing, dont stay a victim, suside is not a option your child is waithing for you to resque them. You need to heal from the narcissistic / borderline Abuse you survived.

We have 2 room apartment for Parent with kids whom want to stay longer, visiting the center is free,  but for guest room at the center have rental Price, on our play ground you can blow bubble of Love and the kids can have a fun day blowing bubbles jumping on the trampolins. We also have chickens ,horses, dogs on the center.

We also have 1 room for the Parent with out or with 1 Child