Join our Europa Network of Laywers, investigative forensic psychologists and psychologists to help families and children.


Bpm Juristfirma is a global network of independent law firms.  It was founded in 2014 on the premise that an alliance of carefully selected, independent firms working together in EU offered the most effective way of proctection of the children , and to end Parental Alienation, It demands expert legal advice, clients can rely on and with  lawyers in Sweden legal help sweden, psykisk vold,child abuseDenmark psykisk vold  Hungary   Bpm Juristfirma is the perfect legal partner

Join our European Networt of Laywers, investigative forensic psychologist and psychologist to help To the families and Children.

If  You Dont See you Flag here, then send us email, if you are interested to join our List of Proffesional to End Parental Alienation and Help the families. If You see You Flag, but dont see your Company name, then send us email too.