9 months ago
Direct communication with the President of the APA Dr. Daniels

I have been in contact with Dr. Daniel president of the APA over the last few months.. I have had several discussions all quite cordial, and recently been pushed to a different division with Lauren ... See more

Jun 28, 2018, 12:26 PM Dear Dr. Daniel, Urgent! Children are committing suicide. I am now truly confused and was wondering if can clarify something very urgent for me. In my last conversation with...

9 months ago
The gentle warriors of love … parental alienation fight takes to Dublin's fair city - Consumer Watch Foundation

The gentle warriors of love … parental alienation fight takes to Dublin’s fair ... See more

In this new video members of a leading group battling parental alienation joined forces with Irish mums, dads and grandparents on the streets of Dublin. Dozens turned up for the march and the ... See more

9 months ago
Stop the Narsissistic Agenda of Parental Alienation

We are a new and fast growing page. Please help us by clicking LIKE and SHARE! We are also in search of one (maybe 2) chapter editors.

Let's get the word OUT there that not only is "Parental ... See more

RAISE awareness, advocate & support 4 parents, step parents, grandparents emotionally abused by a Narsissistic Parental Alienator = emotional child abuse

9 months ago

I am so so so glad I found you,...finally someone "sees" what I see

10 months ago

The petition has been delivered.

Now the work begins
I'm seeking leaders organizers and supporters

To help organize the first International Symposium by the tripple A

... See more

10 months ago
Goldberg & Associates

Parental Alienation applies to: StepFamilies,
Grandparents & Extended Family Members
By Joseph Goldberg: www.ParentalAlienation.ca
Fathers Day is coming ... See more


10 months ago
The APA: Ethical Violations & Complicity with Child Abuse

The battle for the APA is here.

The Petition to the APA is the anvil for creating change, the APA ethics code is the hammer. I have just completed the forge. I have started a new site:

The APA: ... See more

  “If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity.” ― Albert Einstein The American Psychological Association is allowing the psychological abuse of children. The APA is aware of the ... See more

10 months ago
Parent Alienation (Los Angeles, CA)


For all located in Los Angeles, I would like to bring to your attention that I have started a Meetup group all about Parent Alienation. We have monthly meetings and our next meeting is this ... See more

This is a group for parents who have experienced Parent Alienation. I started this group for parents to seek support and for professionals to learn more about Parent Alienation.

10 months ago

Worried about red dye in ketchup?
Don't be

Instead, cry about the state of "professional competence" when you're writing your licencing board complaint. Remember to count your tears and document ... See more

10 months ago


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