BPM Juristfirma was founded in 2014 on the premise to fight against Parental Alienation a criminal act and a health devastating to the child and the other parent , It demands expert Assessment in case with allegation of  Child Abuse Parental Alienation. It is a Gross generational collision, not known  by the Social Workers and Psychologist whom work with families.

Gross generational collision

 between one parent and child against the other parent. You can’t listen to brainwashed Child If you don’t have the knowledge of this four domains in professional psychology.

We can Provide the courts with Experts Assessment in Cases with Parental  Alienation.

Courts can not use old experts in this matter, they are likely to take the bystander role in the abuse of the child.

Our clients can rely on us, BPM Juristfirma is the perfect Assessment and  diagnosis  partner and Educational partner. Peter have 40 years of knowledge as victim and started  his professional travel in 2012 where Peter became a Hypnosis therapist . In November 2017 Peter travel to The Childress Institute for becoming certified in Attachment-Based Parental Alienation

BPM Juristfirma/ Bpm parental alienation awareness organization EU.

Travel to Dallas Texas in April 2017 to bring the new diagnose AB-PA to Europa to end  Parental Alienation, since then, we have Work Dedicated to educated, Jugde, Laywers and investigative forensic psychologist, Social Health board, Justice departments  and victims whom suffer from this severe Child abuse and Hate crime against the other parent.

Before a new firm can work in mental violence cases.

Lawyers and forensic psychologist, they need to Obtain The Knowledge of Attachment Based Parental Alienation, A Gross Generational Collision. We can apply the most knowledge on AB-PA and quality control procedures.  And a Basic knowlegde of Attactment based Parental alienation.

It  is  a Demand of  new Firm who wants to work with mental abuse cases . It is in place to ensure that  Clients are protected by the professional and ethical conduct that are expected When Clients use your services as Psychologist or a lawyer. No one helps the pedophile in their abuse.  No one can take the bystander role anymore in the abuse of children if Do so, they should be prosecuted as helpers in the criminal act.

All the knowledge about this severe abuse on children and hate crimes against a former spouse. Is available Everywhere on the internet. Its not allowed to hide behind the child  not as parent not as mental health worker and surely not the child last chance judged in the family courts.

It is not Allowed to ignored mental abuse because the child look healthy on the outside and performing good at the School.

You should as the judge protect the child against further abuse.