BPM Juristfirma is a global network of independent law firms.  It was founded in 2014 on the premise that an alliance of carefully selected, independent firms working together in EU offered the most effective way of protection of the children, and to end Attachment Based Parental Alienation, It demands expert Assessment in case with allegation of  Child Abuse Parental Alienation.

We can Provide the courts with Experts Assessment in Cases with Parental  Alienation.

Courts can not use old experts in this matter, they are likely to take the bystander role in the abuse of the child.

Our clients can rely on us, and with  Eksperts in Sweden, Denmark, Hungary is

BPM Juristfirma is the perfect Assessment and  legal partner.

BPM Juristfirma and Bpm Parental Alienation Awareness A/S

Travel to Dallas Texas in April 2017 to bring the new diagnose AB-PA to Europa to end  Parental Alienation, since then, we have Work Dedicated to build a legal Network of Laywers and investigative forensic psychologist, and psychologist for the families whom suffer from AB-PA.

Before a new firm is selected or invited to join BPM  Juristfirmas Network. they need to Obtain The Knowledge of Attachment Based Parental Alienation, we apply the most knowledge on AB-PA and quality control procedures.  And a Basic knowlegde of Attactment based Parental alienation.

It  is  a Demand of the new Firm who wants to join our legal Network in EU. It is in place to ensure that our existing members are maintaining the professional and ethical conduct that are expected When Clients use our services.