Expert Assessment Attachment Parental Alienation

25th convocation program is going to held on Dec 20, 2016. All the passed students of graduate and post graduate students are highly encourage and request to apply for coming convocation. It’s all about proofing yourself to become a graduate students. Grab the opportunity this time, don’t miss it.

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An Attachment-Based Model of Parental Alienation: Solutions for the Family Court

1)     background, 2) objectives, 3) method, 4) results and 5) conclusion. The attachment-related family pathology traditionally called “parental alienation” in the popular culture represents a family systems pathology amply described by preeminent figures in professional psychology and is a recognized form of family systems pathology involving the child’s triangulation into the spousal conflict through the formation of a cross-generational coalition […]

Parental Alienation Assessment for Family Courts

Our university organize student welcome program on every year. This program will help to introduce the students with each other and can share their ideas, feelings and many more. This program is going to held on coming next Sunday. Every students, staff, faculties and parents are welcome.

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