Hypnosis Therapist / Mental Violence investigator Peter Knudsen

Peter Knudsen, a certified hypnosis therapist 2012  hos Shin Hypnose, Denmark, he has experienced parental alienation in his own family.  Mr. Knudsen founded The Bpm Orginazation in Denmark 2013 in Uk and Sweden in 2015. in Hungary 2016. Mr Knudsen also founded a NGO. Nonprofit organization Bpm Parental Alienation Awareness A/S in Denmark for the purpose of increasing awareness. education regarding Mental Violence  Attachment Based parental alienation assessment and diagnosis.

Supporting victims, and educating professionals in EU.

From 1979 – 1990 Alienated from my Mother .

from 1999- Parental Alienation / AB-PA
Alienated from Child. Mother with Borderline Personality disorder                  My Daughter protected her self in age of 12. fully alienated 2010. Mental violence startet in age 1-2 år

From 2012-2017
Education as Certified Hypnosis Therapist
And Study of the many different levels debt of the brain for understanding and hoping to create a more directly treatment to the children to reconnect their bond with the alienated parent. And treat the wounds for child abuse.

2002 second Relationship. with a Narcistic  personality disorder
.Start of Triangulation  2010. Daughter 4 years, as stepmom She tringulatet big sister in as weapon even she had for 8 years of being stepmom, well knowing  my big daughter is a victim of mental violence and child psychological abuse since she was 2 years old . Her Goal became, to use Step Big Sister who was fully abused against little sister.                                            When the NPD find out, it was not enough to claim high conflicted  for take a child away from the other parent. She startet to triangulate and prime work colleague to help her, with Child Psychological abuse and mental violence on a our Daughter.  My Daughter  was Forced to protect af her self in age 11 after a meeting with school psychologist and mum co worker, who kidnap her while i was sitting in the waithing area

2017 Creation of Bpm Parental Alienation support group Scandinavian på Facebook  for supporting the children and the alienated parents and grandparents.

In 2014 created Mr Knudsen. Bpm Juristfirma  our goal in Bpm juristfirma is to create awareness, education and help the court to make the right Diagnosis in high conflict cases with Child psychological abuse , Mental violence , Domestic violence and hoping to be part of changing the law, around Attachment Based parental alienation, Mental violence from a near relation, Child psychological abuse. Children have the right to get  Protection and right treatment for the mentale abuse, they have been victim of.

2017 created the organization and  homepage www.bpm-parental-alienation-support-group-skandinavien.dk
For Awareness and Education.

The organization have 3 goals to.

1.Created Awareness and education
2 support the victims of mental violence.
3 -Help the psychologist and the Courts to make the right Diagnosis of the children in high conflict cases.

Mr. Knudsen is also member of PASG.                                                        Parental Alienation Study Group 2004 since 2017.

Certification in foundation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of Attachment-Based Parental Alienation.

Advanced Certification in foundation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of Attachment-Based Parental Alienation.

Study of Parental Alienation
Foundation from Dr. Craig A. Childress
A narcissistic Parent, a guidebook for Professionals from Dr. Craig A. Childress

Strategic Family Systems Intervention for AB-PA Contingent Visatation Schedule. C.A Childress, Psy.D.

The Key to Solving High-Conflict Divorce in the Family Courts

Proposal for Pilot Program in the Family Law Courts.

The Childress Institute.  C.A Childress Psy.D.

Pathological Mourning Bowlby 1980

Ainsworth M.D.S 1989 Attachment beyond infancy

Prof. Dr. Kruk

DMS 5 Dignosis