Upcoming Event

Upcoming Event

Welcome to Venice in 2018!

On June 20-22, 2018 Venice will be the European Capital of psycho-forensic research on children and adolescents.

IUSVE University will host the 6th International Congress “European Association for Forensic Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychology & other involved professions” (EFCAP) “Young victims and young offenders. Prevention and intervention within families and institutions”.

For the very first time, Italy will be the venue of an event of such a scientific importance.

The main topics that will be dealt with are:

  • psycho-social disease prevention;
  • victimization;
  • minor delinquency;
  • probation, parole, alternatives to imprisonment;
  • child witness evaluation in CSA victims;
  • disfunctional family and unaccompanied minors and conflictual separation and custody rules.

World-famous speakers from the main international universities and research centres will attend the Congress.












April 25 has been chosen as Parental Alienation Awareness Day (PAAD), part of a global awareness campaign to raise awareness about parental alienation.[1][2][3] The idea was introduced in Canada by Sarvy Emo in late 2005, with the original date being March 28. This date was changed