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Merry Christmass and goal of solving High Conflict in Court Rooms

Merry Christmass and goal of solving High Conflict in Court Rooms

Stat from our Facebook 21.12-2017 , 173.265 People have read our ads, and 403.567 times it has been seen.

Our Cry to the Danish Prime Minister and 36000 times it has been seen in 2017

12 Ministers of the Danish Government have been provided with the knowledge to Stop the Child Abuse.

Still waiting on response from  the Minister of Justice Department and the Minister of Health in the Danish government. 21.12-2017

Sorry for the Delay it’s still legal in Denmark and the most Europa to Abuse a child even the DSM-5 diagnosis of V995.51 Child Psychological Abuse state this!

309.4 Adjustment disorder

V61.20 Parent Relationship Problem

V61,29 Child Affected by Parental Relationship Distress

V995,51 Child Psychological Abuse, confirmed “Pathogenic Parenting”

Professionals forensic in Denmark and in whole of Europa have advised the Europa’s Court system to be a part of The Bystander Role in Family cases for over 40 years and provide the wrong Assessment advised to Judge in family case the consequences of the wrong advice, is the judge unknowing participate in Pathogenic parenting. The Bystander Role whom will place the child in devastating unhealthy surroundings growing up with Trauma, Cross generational coalition, triangulation, Delusional beliefs,  Role reversal, Splitting, gate-keeping, estrangement.

This pathogen will leap to next generation of the child’s offspring if any comes. Destroying any healthy relationship, they have with a normal range loving parent and family members of the target parent whom is not a allied in the Brainwashing of the child or helping in destroying the Childs relationship with the loving Parent.

In 2017 we Learn All of Europa Courts Rooms are infected with bad Assessment from professionals forensic whom give the Judge the Bystander Role in the abuse of the child.

Thanks To Wendy Perry at Independent Parental Alienation Education Advocate and Consultant. for Bringing Education in Professional Psychology to us in Europa.


Wendy Perry :

In november 2017 travel we again to United States to get educated in Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment at The Childress Institute  for bring professional Assessment drawn from professionals Psychology to Europa.

2018 it time to stop Mental Abuse of Children due to bad Assessment of the child.

We have Pilot Program. The key to solving High-Conflict Divorce in the Family Courts. and the guidebook for legal professionals working with families in High Conflict, contingent visitation schedule for Court Judge!

For the Attorneys and lawyers in High Conflict cases,

We have The legal professionals working with families in High Conflict and the contingent visitation schedule

for the forensic we have Foundation, continue visitation schedule, Assessment and Coding system

the guidebook for legal professionals working with families in High Conflict

All Books is from Dr. Craig Childress and they can be bought from our shop with a delivery time 2-4 days maximum.

His work is established from well knowing Professional psychology and it will lead to solving This vicious abuse the children is growing up in, undetected of the people whom should protect the children against any abuse. His Certification in Ab-PA will lead professional Assessment of the child and its not possible to place the child in the predator hands.

Together we can protect the children, with knowledge comes obligation to help the innocent children whom have The basic human right to have a loving relationship with both parent if normal range loving parents- and been raise up with out harm to their development.

We will leave no Child Behind!

We are Wishing all Parent whom have be a victim of loosing they child to Bad Assessment a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Remember your are not Alone and Your Child Loves you Regardless what you have been manipulated to believe.

If you think your child have got a bad Assessment and your Child have been placed with the pathogenic parent send your transcript to.

For the Professionals: Judge, Attorney, Lawyer, Forensic Expert, forensic Psychologist ,psychologist,  social Workers and Family Department around Europa Cities Child protection Services.

There are no excused anymore to be the bystander. We can solved this Right now in 2018 !

We have over 50 million in the world alienated children  if we keep ignoring the Children silent screams and the  wrong judgement of Parents jujitsu  behavior for trying to save their children and be the other loving parent in their child’s life.

The Attachment bond of the Child can not reject love from a Normal range  Mum or a Dad,  Only if Damage !!!!

with this, We  Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We looking forward to work with  all for helping the children Victims of High Conflict Divorce.

Parental Alienation is Child Abuse and a Criminal Act.

Best Wishes and Regards

Bpm Juristfima AB and Bpm Parental Alienation Awareness A/S

Director Peter Knudsen and Legal Teams 2017.12.21